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Your direct source for Automation, Motion Control, Measuring, and Machine Tool Equipment. Through our exclusive partnerships with world-respected manufacturers including Lika Electronic, MS-Graessner, Sesame Motor, Digtronic, Hejm Automation, HSB Automation, and NIDEC-SHIMPO, we're able to offer the full spectrum of measuring and motion control equipment.

Hymark is also the manufacturer of the Kentucky Gauge line of Length Measuring Gauges and Fabricating Machine Tool Equipment.

With a such a wide array of knowledge, expertise and customization capabilities, Hymark is unmatched in offering OEM solutions to manufacturers and integrators in industries such as robotics, machine tool, semiconductor, automation, aerospace, medical, military, and packaging.


ASC85 Updated

ASC85 absolute encoder has been revised mechanically and electrically and equipped with redundant sensing electronics to ensure the most robust and accurate operation even under rough conditions and mechanical stresses.


Clutch Brake Motors

Clutch Brake Motors from Sesame Motor Corp are designed for precise positioning in applications that require frequent starting and stopping operation. These compact AC motors are also ideal for applications requiring precise positioning, indexing and incremental feeding.


0.002" Cut Accuracy

Using a PD100, the global leader in linear guides, rails and bearings maintains a cut accuracy of 0.002" at 19ft!