DesignGear - Customized Gearbox

  • Custom multi-spindle gearbox

MS-Graessner specializes in customized gearing and gearbox solutions including designs, tooth developments, prototype manufacture, extensive tests and documentation. You give us your requirements and MS-Graessner will make it happen.

  • Single-stage bevel gears as control or reverse gears
  • Labyrinth-sealed gears with a degree of efficiency > 99%
  • High temperature gears for ambient temperatures up to 300°C
  • Double gears with two transmission ratios
  • Let us now what you need!
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How It's Done

GEARFOX Software logo

GEARFOX Calculation Software

MS-Graessner's own, internet-based software - GEARFOX - enables the calculation of the entire drivetrain. This begins with the analysis of the customer's needs, includes the definition of the product requirements, the calculation of applications, as well as the gear design and culminates in an iterative gearbox optimization.

KISSsoft Software logo

KISSsoft Software

The KISSsoft software calculates, designs and optimizes the gearbox components. Among others, the following parameters are taken into account: forces/torques, bending stress, strength, mass, stiffness, tension/pressure, transverse/axial forces and Hertzian stress.

Gleason software logo

Gleason Software

Gleason software optimizes the design of individual components. It covers tooth dimensions, gear tooth load and meshing forces. It also deals with tooth contact analysis, the outline of the contact geometry, as well as an extended calculation method of the tooth contact. The finite element analysis enables the calculation of the contact pattern under load and also provides information about the tooth base bending stress, surface pressure, the Wöhler curve and much more. All designs and simulations are also carried out using special CAD software.

MS-Graessner Engineering


Utilizing customized and specialized software, MS-Graessner calculates and optimizes every possible aspect and component.

  • GEARFOX - Drive train calculation
  • KISSsoft - Designing & optimization
  • Gleason - Toothing calculation


State-of-the-art CNC milling and grinding machines ensure that MS-Graessner offers only the highest precision and highest quality products.

  • Only the newest and best equipment
  • Hardened and precision ground gears
  • Grind both sides of gear teeth at once

Component Testing

Digitally networked, CNC controlled measuring equipment provides precise information about tolerances and run outs of drive sections.

  • 3-D measuring of gears and gear teeth
  • Tooth-contact analysis
  • Roundness control

Assembly & Testing

Before it reaches you, MS-Graessner puts your gearbox through hell by testing the assembled gearbox under normal usage conditions.

  • Simulations with and without loads
  • Extensive sound & temperature tests
  • Continuous and cycle operation tests